Hypothesis testing problems for practice and concept clarity

Hypothesis testing problem 1

Question (Hypothesis testing problems): Imagine your statistics teacher has mentioned that the average test score in the recent test conducted is 60 out of 100. You are highly sceptical of this claim and you believe that the teacher is giving a pessimistic outlook (Actual average may be more than 60) just to ensure that students prepare well for their final exam. What is the hypothesis that you would carry out in order to gather statistical evidence in support of your belief?


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Average or mean specified by teacher is 60. This becomes the hypothesised mean.

You believe that teacher is presenting a pessimistic outlook and the actual average is more than 60.


What you want to prove/the objective of the statistical test becomes the Alternate hypothesis. Null hypothesis is the original claim (here the claim made by teacher)


Null Hypothesis (H0): µ = 60

Alternate Hypothesis (H1): µ > 60