Module 1 – Basics of statistics

  1.  Descriptive statistics– Measures of Central tendency and dispersion (Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation and Variance)
  2. Skewness and Kurtosis – Understanding skewness and kurtosis
  3. Five number summary – Five number summary in statistics and identifying outliers using 1.5 IQR rule
  4. Variables and Scales in statistics – Types of variables and measurement scales
  5. Binomial distribution – Binomial, negative binomial and geometric distributions

Module 2 – Normal distribution in detail

  1. Introduction to Normal distribution – Normal distribution curve

  2. Central limit theorem – Central limit theorem and properties of normal distribution

  3. How to look up a normal table (z table)? – Normal distribution tables and areas

Module 3 – Statistical testing and inference

  1. Introduction to Confidence intervals – Explaining the concept of Confidence levels and confidence intervals

  2. How to calculate confidence intervals? – Step by step explanation of calculating confidence intervals

  3. Confidence intervals for proportion – Estimating population proportion from sample.

  4. Hypothesis testing – Formulating the right hypothesis

  5. Errors in Hypothesis – Types of errors in hypothesis testing

  6. Statistical testing – Parametric tests in statistics

  7. t – tests – Independent samples t test dependent samples t test

Module 4 – Linear regression

  1. Correlation – Understanding correlation and correlation coefficient
  2. Introduction – Simple linear regression

  3. Regression equation – How to find regression equation?

  4. Evaluating regression model – Goodness of fit tests for regression model